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THE NEGOTIATOR MAGAZINE: Dedicated to being the finest resource on negotiation.
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The Negotiator Magazine. Independent and the most comprehensive resource in negotiation.

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Since 2002, The Negotiator Magazine has been an independent on-line journal for practitioners and scholars of negotiations. The multifaceted and in-depth negotiation articles will appeal to the diverse needs of business and government leaders, attorneys, advocates, unions and associations, law enforcement agents and officers, students and instructors. Our goal is to help you make the most of your negotiation experience and become a more effective negotiator. There are also review articles on cryptocurrency  trading like bitcoin up review and other similar crypto trading tools. 

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Written by practitioners and scholars

The magazine is written by practitioners and scholars working in the field of negotiation. We have a collection of approximately 400 articles by over ninety outstanding writers. Find informative negotiation articles on topics such as negotiation skills, negotiation strategy, dispute resolution, crisis negotiation, salary negotiation, employment negotiation, gender negotiation, contract negotiation, international negotiation and more. For a full index of titles and subjects, please visit our Author Index our Negotiation Subject Index or the Issue Date Index.

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