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The Negotiator Magazine Writers Guidelines

Call for Contributions

We are looking for manuscripts in all categories. Please share your knowledge of the field and join us as a writer.


  • Write for a professionally diverse international audience that includes business and union leaders, elected and agency government employees, professionals, educators, and non-profit personnel.
  • Articles may be of any length, up to 5,000 words. Most of our articles are between 1,000-3,000 words.
  • Abbreviations and colloquial expressions need to be translated so that readers in other fields as well as in other countries will understand your writing.
  • Source citations should be in-text (Ciano, p.137).
  • If citations are used, an alphabetical bibliography of sources in standard format should be included at the end of the article. For example, Ciano, G., Memoirs (New York: Randolph & Sons, Publishers, 2002).
  • Non-sexist language is required.
  • If illustrations, charts or graphs are used, make sure you have the right to publish these.


Contact Editor at Negotiator Magazine for all inquiries and submissions.

  • Please first contact The Negotiator Magazine Editor with your topic of interest before submission.
  • Articles should be submitted as a single spaced text document ( MS Word preferred .doc or .docx ) by email attachment. Very large files should be zipped. Please include a brief biography of the author ( 100 words or less ), author’s electronic photo, and your copyright statement. Please be certain to include name of author, title, postal mail address, and e-mail address. Also, a short list containing keywords from the article ( for keyword searches ) is very much appreciated. Do not use any fancy formatting.
  • Please include a brief statement that the article has not been submitted or published elsewhere.
  • Editor responds in less than one month.


  • The Negotiator Magazine requests only the non-exclusive right to electronically publish your article and the non-exclusive right to archive the article on line at its web site and in library and university databases.
  • You retain your copyright and all other rights to your work.

Author’s Credits

Author’s name, brief biographical sketch, photo, statement of author’s copyright and a link to their web site and/or e-mail address is published with each article.


Write for an active and engaged leadership that will want to know the whys, hows, strengths and weaknesses of any approach and find some practical ideas they can use. The Negotiator Magazine is a comprehensive negotiations publication and welcomes articles on all aspects of the field.

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