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The Negotiator Magazine Reader Profile

It is often said that negotiators are by definition leaders, decision-makers and major influencers in every aspect of life. By any measurement, the readers of The Negotiator Magazine prove the truth of that statement.


Business readers represent every level of the corporate hierarchy from Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers through Vice Presidents and Managers. They include business owners, partners and management personnel in international, large, and small firms.

Our business leaders also represent every major aspect of the world economy. At the largest end of the scale, they include automobile manufacturers, hardware and software firms, systems and telecommunications providers, pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, and widely diversified conglomerates.

In the middle range are well-known financial services providers, manufacturers of all types and a host of service providers. Entrepreneurial ventures and emerging companies, consultancies, many headed by world-renowned practitioners and authors in the field of negotiation, real estate agencies and a variety of other service providers exemplify the smaller firms on the spectrum.


At the University level, the magazine is read by professors and students in Schools of Business and Law, as well as a wide-range of undergraduate and graduate programs throughout the world. These present and future leaders are engaged in many leading Universities throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Unions, Non-profit organizations, and Government

We also have leaders in many major labor unions, the executive directors of non-profit associations and many members of non-governmental agencies. In the government sector, our readers include legislators, executive agency heads, military officers and judicial personnel.

Law Enforcement

A significant group of readers are involved in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Most of these persons work in the United States, but a growing number of them represent foreign countries. They include national, state and local law enforcement and corrections personnel, many of whom are crisis negotiators. Many are officers on their way up, as well as a wide range of middle and upper law enforcement management.


Our readership includes health care personnel ranging from hospital administrators through medical doctors to nursing and support professionals. We have many attorneys in private and corporate practice and even an architect on our roster.

In summary, our readers are all leaders and decision-makers who share an interest in negotiation. The typical reader is a University graduate, often with a graduate degree, receives an above average income and holds a position of prominence in their profession.

Statistical Profile

Readers by Position
Top Management 29 %
CEO, President, Principal Managing Partner, Owner Executive Director, CFO
Second Tier 26 %
Executive Vice President,VP, AVP, General Manager
Other Positions 30 %
Supervisor, Manager
Professions 15 %
Rank by specialty: Consultant,Health Care,Attorney,Real Estate
Readers by Position

Readers by Segment
Business 50 %
Government 20 %
Education 8 %
Union 2 %
Professions 15 %
Miscellaneous 5 %
Readers by Segment

Readers by Gender
Male 68 %
Female 32 %
Readers by Segment

Readers by Country
United States 83 %
Global 17 %
Rank by nation: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Readers by Segment

The Negotiator Magazine is an international publication. Readers reside in India,  Sri Lanka,  French Southern Territories,  Pakistan,  Egypt,  Algeria,  Nigeria,  The Gambia,  Ghana,  Zimbabwe,  Kenya,  Botswana,  South Africa,  Lebanon,  Israel,  Peru,  Argentina,  Bolivia,  Brazil,  Chile,  Ecuuador,  Guatemala,  Suriname,  Venezuela,  Trinidad and Tobago,  Columbia,  Costa Rica,  Panama,  Belize,  Mexico,  Uruguay,  Mauritius,  Philippines,  Fiji,  Indonesia,  Malaysia,  Viet Nam,  Singapore,  Thailand,  Nepal,  China,  Hong Kong,  Taiwan,  South Korea,  Japan,  Australia,  New Zealand,  Saudi Arabia,  Kuwait, United Arab Emirates,  Bahrain,  Qatar,  Oman,  Yeman,  Algeria,  Jordan,  Iran,  Iraq,  United Kingdom,  Ireland,  Belgium,  Luxembourg,  Netherlands,  France,  Spain,  Portugal,  Italy,  Switzerland,  Germany,  Austria,  Russian Federation,  Poland,  Lithuania,  Latvia,  Estonia,  Moldavia,  Kazakhstan,  Romania,  Greece,  Hungary,  Czech Republic,  Croatia,  Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Serbia,  Kosovo,  Macedonia,  Slovenia,  Bulgaria,  Turkey,  Cyprus,  Malta,  Finland,  Norway,  Sweden,  Denmark,  Iceland,  Canada,  Bahamas,  Bermuda,  British Virgin Islands,  U.S. Virgin Islands,  Netherlands Antilles,  Haiti,  Dominican Republic,  Puerto Rico,  Antigua and Barbuda, and throughout the United States

Statistics Compiled from Subscriber Survey, 2006 – 2011

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