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The Relevant Negotiator

By James L. Greenstone

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Negotiation is about skill. Regardless of the venue, the successful negotiator will be the skillful one. Not all negotiators are trained in police negotiations, or business negotiations or legal negotiations. However, characteristics shared by all, regardless of venue, are the skills instilled in each about how to deal with people and how to negotiate with them. Negotiations are negotiations. If you remember that, all else is commentary. Always do what you know how to do. That makes the negotiator relevant.


Suppose. Just suppose that you are face-to-face with a suicide bomber. They are really more appropriately called “homicide bombers.” And, further, the bomber has not yet detonated. It can and has happened. In addition, you have the opportunity to talk with the subject. The Israelis have faced this exact situation. Perhaps, there is even a hostage involved although a hostage is not a likely scenario. As a negotiator, what do you do? What do you say? What’s next? Who cares? Keep reading.

The Relevant Negotiator By James L. Greenstone, Ed.D., J.D., DABECI


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