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Win-lose Negotiation is Dead! Long Live Win-win Negotiation!

By Radu Ionescu

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There are a lot of people who still are using win-lose negotiation and for good reasons. Many of their reasons for using this approach include the following: Their opponents are important and powerful people; Win-lose negotiation may produce significant and satisfactory results for those on the win side; and in situations when the negotiator ends up on the lose side, win-lose negotiators have a tendency to minimize results and consequences so that they remember only the win experiences.

Additionally, Win-lose negotiators cite other reasons for choosing the approach, such as: a lack of time; a tendency to use particular advantages; their own power; selfishness – not necessary in negative terms; all kinds of fears; the inability of their negotiation partner, and so on. Lastly, the fact that when on the win side of the results, win-lose negotiation produces big and easy profits in a short time. And that’s very appealing. So why not use it?

Well, there might be some reasons not to use win-lose.

Win-lose approach is short term orientated. It’s only for today and tomorrow. You don’t care what happens the day after.

It’s egocentric. It’s about you. You don’t care about others.

It’s pure materialistic. You don’t care about other values.

It’s dangerous. A failed win-lose negotiation has great potential for a conflict.

Win-lose Negotiation is Dead! Long Live Win-win Negotiation! By Radu Ionescu


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