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Believing in Negotiating

By JB Shelton-Spurr

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Believing in your negotiating abilities is a fine way to believe in yourself.

Major successful negotiations can prove frustratingly anticlimactic, as tiny failed negotiations can evoke cataclysmic reactions. Thinking all-or-nothing, black-or-white is a dangerous way to proceed. Positive self-confidence without going to contemplative extremes fosters negotiating success.

Kindergartner’s Political Advice

My friend Julie was running for her kindergarten’s presidency. Your first reaction may be that our school systems are pushing our young’uns ahead far too quickly. Her mom and dad had tried to discourage her from running, fearful losing might devastate her.

Julie had her political negotiating ducks in a row. With a broad smile, exuberant body language, and a heartfelt declaration, she convinced them. “I will be the best kindergarten class president. I know what we kids need. I know how to talk to grownups. And, anyway, some of the other kids don’t even know their alphabets.” The latter was a sly way of complimenting her parents, who encouraged literacy at a young age. They acquiesced.

As another loving adult in Julie’s life, I decided to encourage her political aspirations. She requested a mock interview to prepare her to communicate more effectively than her opponents.

Actually, Julie said, “JB, could you ask me a coupla (sic) questions to get me more ready?”

She had already polished her platform. Longer snack times; more computer access; additional story time readalouds.

All I could think of to ask was, “Julie, how do you plan to win this important election?” She grinned then replied in a serious tone indicative of no less than a second grader, “JB, you always have to vote for yourself.”

Believing in Negotiating by JB Shelton-Spurr


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