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Realities of Positive Negotiating

By JB Shelton-Spurr

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I’m convinced every pessimistic, frustrated and sarcastic negotiator has a nemesis: A positive thinker of good-intentioned mind who will drive him crazy.

Successful negotiators thrive on positive attitudes. As a born optimist, I’ve focused energy to convince innate pessimists to join the lighter side. Sharing the purpose-driven march toward joyful enlightenment has evoked scoff, rejection and doubt. These have led me to examine the realities of positive negotiating.


Opening my front door, an 18th-century Buddha statue greets me. She is strong of stone and beatific of face. Her welcome home serenity gives me feelings of positive energy, no matter the day’s challenges. I decide to embrace her positive momentum. Switching to a negative mindset contains neither plan nor purpose.

You — in the roles of negotiator and motivator, communicator and persuader — interpret facts, potentials and probabilities. Naturally, your mood and mindset will influence how well you perform. Adopting Buddhist qualities of calm mind, concentration and control are the equivalent of allowing images of a gentle stream flow through your positive thoughts, carrying them into your body.

Questioning “What’s best for me…in this situation, with these people, in solving a problem?” is always worth asking and answering honestly. More often than not, the positive approach contributes to mental, physical and emotional health and best possible negotiating outcomes.

Realities of Positive Negotiating by JB Shelton-Spurr


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