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The Negotiator Role Plays: Outwit Your Opponent by Being Him

By JemmaBlythe Alexander Shelton-Spurr (JB Shelton)

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Excellent negotiators are dynamic actors. The act of role playing provides insights and confidence for real-life negotiations before they happen. You take on the persona of another person by thinking, behaving and communicating as you imagine he would.

Role playing is especially effective when you are not feeling confident despite your excellent research and preparation. It is a method of breaking patterns of ineffective communication. This eye-opening strategy solves mysteries of slow-going, frustrating negotiations.


Set your mind to enjoy being someone else. Role players are destined to underperform when they are anxious, embarrassed or self-absorbed. Let go of your serious side. Done with the correct attitude; creativity flourishes, improvisational talents blossom, and sense of humor springs forth.

Switching Roles

You have opportunities to role play in a variety of configurations, such as:

  • wife and husband switching roles to experience how differently females and males negotiate;
  • team members in your corporate department switching places to look into and solve workplace conflicts;
  • board members switching authority to better understand policymaking from one another’s point of view.

The Negotiator Role Plays: Outwit Your Opponent by Being Him By JemmaBlythe Alexander Shelton-Spurr (JB Shelton)


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