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Negotiator Resiliency

By James L. Greenstone, Ed.D., J.D., DABECI

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“The outcome of negotiations rests on the resiliency and adaptability of the negotiator.” Further, effectiveness of negotiations is dependent on the resiliency of the negotiator; in other words, their mental toughness.


Most people have some level of resiliency. Probably, it would be difficult to get through daily life without it. The ability to bounce back from a difficult encounter or a hard fought negotiations may be something else altogether. When stress makes it unlikely that you can continue to cope with life in your usual manner, crisis occurs, and effectiveness of meaningful behavior decreases. What we do to help ourselves, and maybe those in front of us, is an important component of “bounce-back.” Can we do some calming? What about insuring the safety of the negotiations? Connections become very important. However, what the parties bring to the table during these trying times may well spell the difference between the success and failure of our attempts to help. A feeling of being hopeful or of feeling empowered may be at the top of the list of what is needed. Provide and encourage what you can, and realize that you will be providing this, or looking for this, in multiple parties perhaps simultaneously.

Basic Components of Resiliency

The Table 1 below may be helpful in understanding the components of resiliency and in recognizing them in ourselves and in those we encounter. In this way, we may be able to encourage such behavior in others with whom we are working. Trying to put components of resiliency in place where these components do not already exist, will be less satisfying than capitalizing on what may already be possessed.

Negotiator Resiliency By James L. Greenstone, Ed.D., J.D., DABECI


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