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The Most Powerful Manipulation Tool Ever: Time

By Radu Ionescu

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It is common knowledge that one can be influenced so strongly by creating an illusion that a person will lose sight of REALITY and will follow the ILLUSION. This is an article about the importance of the negotiator guarding against that same peril. The negotiator must remain grounded firmly in the Present to succeed. Moved by their opponents to think about the Past or the Future, the negotiator risks falling under the spell of their emotions which live in those halls and negotiating in an Illusion.

Let me explain the risk by examining one of the greatest illusions of our society: TIME. In our REALITY, TIME does not exist. We only create it. I agree it is rather difficult to digest this but let’s try some arguments.

What is time? It is an instrument for the measurement of movement. If everything is fixed, there would be no time. One of the first time sequences in human history was the earth’s own cycles – day, month, year and so on which measured the relative movement between planets. Then, with the development of technologies, watches appeared.

At the beginning, watches measured the movement of precise internal mechanisms. Later, atomic watches measured the movements of extremely small particles such as atoms. In essence, however, as in any other human instrument, the watch is a mental construction.

Time is created by our mind and as in any other construction by the human mind, it is not perfect. Time is relative. Einstein proved it 100 years ago. For example it is scientifically proved that gravity influences watches. We know, for example, that the same watch, placed at different altitudes measures different times. If this phenomenon is disregarded, the GPS system would provide huge errors.

Each one of us experiences in our lives different time perceptions. We perceive some things “like yesterday” even though they are 10 years old. One of my life experiences, for instance, has shown me the relativeness of time. Near Fortaleza in Brazil the people claim to have the highest water sledge in the world: 41 meters high, from which 35 meters are free fall. It’s like jumping from a 10 level building. When I remember the experience of that free fall it seems to me that it lasted both, “an instant” or “an eternity” in equal way. Rationally it is not the same, but the feeling is. Since then I have wondered how this is possible. Lately I have figured it out.

Let’s see it from another angle. Time has Present, Past and Future. If we sit back a while and think, we realize that whatever is happening in our lives is happening in the Present. Everything we experience exists in our Present and nowhere else. What is in the Past is already gone, and what is in the Future is only a probability that might or might not happen. The same is true, of course, in our own lives. REALITY is in Present. Despite that, we have a mental predicament. There is no problem for us to point out moments in the Past or in the Future. We know for sure that they are in the Past or in the Future. But we have real problems to point out the Present.

When is the Present? Now! But when is “now”? Is it when I have written those words? No, because it is already Past! It could be the period that I can place in time between -0,000001 seconds ago and +0,000001 that will come? It seems that I used Past and Future to build Present. Nonsense! So for our mind it is comprehensive when it WAS, when it will BE, but not when it IS, related to TIME. Here is the fracture and here is the place where the manipulation tool starts. Let’s see how it works and how the ILLUSION is built.

The title of this article is only a teaser. It is not about time, it’s about our mind function, time being the creation of our mind used as a measurement tool. And if a tool is not properly used, it induces errors.

The Most Powerful Manipulation Tool Ever: Time, By Radu Ionescu


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