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Evolved Negotiations: A New, Blended and Broadened Approach to Influencing Conditions, Adversaries and Outcome

By Lisa Bracken

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Despite our best efforts as negotiators, we sometimes find ourselves subject to shifting conditions, unable to identify the need to re-prioritize objectives and unable to wrest strategic value from emerging situational complexity.

Very often this is the result of misidentifying the parameters defining a dispute and failing to marry circumstances with an evolved approach to negotiation which could enhance maneuverability to meet and command instability inherent to a particular conflict as well as our process of resolution.

This article identifies evolved negotiations as a specific approach, highlights the increasing need for such an approach toward a range of disputes, and further discusses a short list of unique challenges and opportunities associated with evolved negotiation techniques toward such a task.

Recognizing a case for evolved negotiations

While perennially defined by dispute, negotiations often find themselves additionally confined by a narrow slate of principal participants and a compelling sense of urgency structurally dependent upon existing conditions.

These imposed parameters typically address short-range interests while minimizing costly resource loss associated with lengthy debate.

Narrowly-defined and engaged negotiations further endeavor to make the most of a current situation while strategically avoiding risks associated with future uncertainty.

However, when dispute persists, renews, or proliferates within a failing system giving it rise, the negotiator must widely broaden their perspective of conflict to include deeper analysis of supporting conditions as well as effective strategies to neutralize or harness them.

Addressing the multi-faceted needs of compound conflict requires an equally comprehensive approach to resolution.

Evolved negotiations embrace conflict as both a compass to supporting conditions as well as a transformational path toward solution.

An evolved approach endeavors to orchestrate diverse realms of influence within environmental, social and institutional systems in order to:

  • Add value to a lesser enabled bargaining position;
  • Secure short-term vital interests; and,
  • Evolve conditions together with adversaries toward greater compatibility and therefore, more sustainable solution in order to meet longer-range, priority objectives.

Evolved Negotiations: A New, Blended and Broadened Approach to Influencing Conditions, Adversaries and Outcomes, By Lisa Bracken


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