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THE NEGOTIATOR MAGAZINE: Dedicated to being the finest resource on negotiation.
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The Negotiator Magazine

Since 2002, The Negotiator Magazine has been a leading on-line resource journal for practitioners and scholars of negotiations. Far ranging in topic and inclusive in scope while appealing to the unique and diverse needs of business and government leaders, attorneys, advocates, unions and associations, law enforcement agents and officers, students and instructors, The Negotiator Magazine is renowned for its wide exploration and in-depth analysis of forefront issues defining the current landscape of negotiation.

An enlightened resource

In order to reach personal potential and achieve an optimal level of success, negotiators require more than a formulaic approach to negotiation. They require and benefit from access to diverse opinion and a host of options in order to devise specific and more effective approaches to specific sets of challenges. The Negotiator Magazine is that independent and wide-ranging voice that brings together every aspect of negotiation from business building, business relationships and personal agreements through resolving labor issues and crisis events.

By design, The Negotiator Magazine offers a multi-disciplinary platform hosting uniquely compelling insight from complimentary and divergent points of view, presenting multi-dimensional perspectives of transcendent issues and methodologies.

From negotiation theory to practical and ethical application, from communication and public relations to decision making and strategy development, The Negotiator Magazine is dedicated to providing fresh and relevant perspectives from some of most influential leaders and thinkers in the field.

Trust The Negotiator Magazine to inform you of evolving conditions currently shaping the field of negotiation and which are sure to impact career decisions and influence your approach to the craft.

From John Baker

The Negotiator Magazine has long been an internationally recognized and trusted source of expert information. With decades of real-world negotiating experience consulting for small companies, institutions and Fortune 100 companies, Editor, John Baker, views The Negotiator Magazine’s content with a practiced and discerning eye, preserving editorial integrity and providing thought-provoking insight for a highly discriminating audience.

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Broaden your perspective, sharpen your skills and become a more influential negotiator by joining this exclusive and highly regarded community of negotiators representing their unique insight in partnership with one of the industry’s most respected publications: The Negotiator Magazine.

Through an annual subscription, you and your team can find current editorial reviews on many of the latest publications and can gain exclusive access to tried as well as trending concepts and practices.

Further, The Negotiator Magazine hosts an archive of over 300 previously published articles available free to a world-wide audience and searchable by author or topic. All new content is archived a full year after publication, affording you a broad margin within which to assimilate and practically apply content offered by the magazine.

In addition to outstanding, exclusive content and targeted advertising opportunities, The Negotiator Magazine offers an event calendar, as well as complimentary inclusion in our professional networking database. Further, diverse perspectives are always welcome for considered inclusion in upcoming issues, should you like to contribute your expertise on a particular topic of interest.

An investment in today and tomorrow

A subscription to The Negotiator Magazine is your best resource investment in managing conflict, guiding resolution and engaging forward-thinking success. Subscribe to ten issues of The Negotiator Magazine for an incredible value of only $14.00 per year (Individual account); or, $36.00 per year (Team account, serving as many as six authorized users).

You recognize that negotiation is all about awareness, timing and leverage. Now that you’re privy to the exclusive benefits and powerful potential of The Negotiator Magazine, the time is now to take full advantage. With tens of thousands of international subscribers supporting a legacy of publishing excellence spanning nearly a decade, many astute professionals already have.

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