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Article Index by Issue Date

 June-July 2015

From The Publisher’s Desk June-July 2015  Baker, John D. (June-July 2015)

ASK THE NEGOTIATOR: Psychology and Negotiation  Greenstone, James L. (June-July 2015)

Reprint of: Adversaries to Allies: Lessons from the San Diego Schools Contract Negotiations   Christie, Monica ; Lum, Grande (June-July 2015)

 May 2015

From The Publisher’s Desk May 2015  Baker, John D. (May 2015)

Review of: The Negotiator: A Memoir by George J. Mitchell   (New York, N.Y.: Simon & Schuster, 2015)  Baker, John D. (May 2015)

Subscriber Content Impact of Mediator Styles on Bargaining Interactions   Craver, Charles (May 2015)

Subscriber Content Managing Complex Negotiation Interactions   Baker, John D. (May 2015)

 April 2015

From The Publisher’s Desk April 2015  Baker, John D. (April 2015)

Review of: The Power of Noticing: What the Best Leaders See by Max Bazerman  (New York, N.Y.: Simon & Schuster, 2014)  Baker, John D. (April 2015)

Just 15 Minutes Can Boost Negotiation  Latz, Marty (April 2015)

Subscriber Content 7 Must-Ask Questions in Any Negotiation  Lewis-Fernandez, Eldonna  (April 2015)

Being Your Own Advocate(Reprint)  Frohlinger, Carol; Kolb, Deborah M.; Williams,Judith (April 2015)

 March 2015

From The Publisher’s Desk March 2015  Baker, John D. (March 2015)

Decoding Nonverbal Communication  Stark, Peter B. (March 2015)

Subscriber Content Conducting Effective Intra-Group Interactions  Craver, Charles (March 2015)

Subscriber Content Paying Ransom to Terrorists  Noesner, Gary (March 2015)

 February 2015

From The Publisher’s Desk February 2015  Baker, John D. (February 2015)

Review of: GETTING TO YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by Roger Fisher, William Ury & Bruce Patton  (New York, N.Y.: Penguin Books, 2011)  Baker, John D. (February 2015)

Ten Tips for Successful Negotiating in 2015  Brodow, Ed (February 2015)

Subscriber Content Plea Bargaining Negotiations  Craver, Charles (February 2015)

Subscriber Content The Relevant Negotiator  Greenstone, James L. (February 2015)

 December 2014 – January 2015

From The Publisher’s Desk December 2014  Baker, John D. (December 2014 – January 2015)

Review of: LET’S CLOSE A DEAL: Turn Contacts into Paying Customers Your Company, Product, Service or Cause by Christine Clifford  (Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2013)   Baker, John D. (December 2014 – January 2015)

Using Skillful Questioning in Negotiation   Stark, Peter (December 2014 – January 2015)

Agent and Client Must Build Trust and a Plan to Get the Best Results  Latz, Marty (December 2014 – January 2015)

Subscriber Content Win-lose Negotiation is Dead! Long Live Win-win Negotiation!  Ionescu, Radu (December 2014 – January 2015)

 November 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (November 2014)

Review of: Bargaining with a Rising India: Lessons from the Mahabharata by Amrita Narlikar, Aruna Narlikar   (New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 2014)  Baker, John D. (November 2014)

The Ideal Negotiator  Stark, Peter (November 2014)

Subscriber Content The Questioning Process During Bargaining Interactions   Craver, Charles B. (November 2014)

Subscriber Content The Power of Compromise  Baker, John D. (November 2014)

 October 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (October 2014)

Review of: GETTING TO WE: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships by Jeanette Nyden, Kate Vitasek, David Frydlinger  (New York, N.Y: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)  Baker, John D. (October 2014)

Subscriber Content The Need for Managers to Negotiate Effectively with Their Subordinates   Craver, Charles B. (October 2014)

Subscriber Content Believing in Negotiating  Shelton-Spurr, JB (October 2014)

Subscriber Content Dimmer or Dimwit: A Lesson in Persistence   Brodow, Ed (October 2014)

 September 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (September 2014)

Review of: The Hidden Rules of Successful Negotiation and Communication; Getting to Yes! by Marc O. Opresnik  (Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2014)  Baker, John D. (September 2014)

Subscriber Content Negotiation Lessons to Put into Practice   Latz, Marty (September 2014)

Subscriber Content Realities of Positive Negotiating  Shelton-Spurr, JB (September 2014)

Subscriber Content After the Ink Dries… Fulfilling the Promises  Baker, John D. (September 2014)

 August 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (August 2014)

Review of: Negotiating Globally: How to Negotiate Deals, Resolve Disputes, and Make Decisions Across Cultural Boundaries by Jeanne M. Brett  (San Francisco, California: Jossey-Bass, 2014)  Baker, John D. (August 2014)

Subscriber Content Prepare a Negotiation Not a Presentation    Altman, Steve  (August 2014)

Subscriber Content Negotiating for Life   Shelton-Spurr, JB (August 2014)

Subscriber Content How to Increase Your Chances of Acceptance    Frensdorf, Peter  (August 2014)

 June – July 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (June-July 2014)

Review of: NegoLogic by Peter Frensdorf  (Random Acres, U.K.: Global Professional Publishing, Ltd., 2014)  Baker, John D. (June-July 2014)

Subscriber Content Conducting Negotiations With Own Clients   Craver, Charles B. (June-July 2014)

Subscriber Content Negotiator Role Plays: Outwit Your Opponent by Being Him   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (June-July 2014)

Subscriber Content Negotiating When You Hold Little Power   Stark, Peter (June-July 2014)

 May 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (May 2014)

Review of: The Art of Negotiation: How to Improvise Agreement in a Chaotic World by Michael Wheeler (New York, N.Y.: Simon & Schuster Inc, 2013)  Baker, John D. (May 2014)

Who Has the Most Power in a Negotiation?   Stark, Peter (May 2014)

Subscriber Content Turn Your Electronic Devices Off When You Negotiate in Person   Craver, Charles B. (May 2014)

Subscriber Content Negotiating Lessons From a Pawn Star   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (May 2014)

 April 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (April 2014)

Review of: Never Make the First Offer (Except When You Should) Wisdom From a Master Dealmaker by Donald Dell with John Boswell (Portfolio Hardback, 2009) Baker, John D. (April 2014)

The Power of Small Talk   Keoghan, Joelle Miller (April 2014)

Subscriber Content Professional Negotiating Skills: Transforming Life’s Challenges into Win-Win Results  Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (April 2014)

Subscriber Content Multiple Person Negotiating Teams Must Present a United Front  Craver, Charles B. (April 2014)

Subscriber Content To Talk or Not to Talk?  Ionescu, Radu (April 2014)

 March 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (March 2014)

Review of: The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking by Sims Wyeth (New York, New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2014) Baker, John D. (March 2014)

Win-Win Negotiation: Becoming a Reality?   Cummins, Tim (March 2014)

Subscriber Content Negotiating With Energy Vampires   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (March 2014)

Subscriber Content Patience is a Virtue When People Negotiate   Craver, Charles B. (March 2014)

 February 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (February 2014)

Review of: Negotiating Success by Jim Hornickel (Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2014) Baker, John D. (February 2014)

Subscriber Content Ten Tips for Negotiating in 2014  Brodow, Ed (February 2014)

Subscriber Content Learning to Love to Negotiate  Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (February 2014)

Subscriber Content The Courage to Compromise: A Lesson for Today’s Politicians   Noesner, Gary (February 2014)

Subscriber Content Rudeness is a Substitute for Negotiating Proficiency   Craver, Charles B. (February 2014)

 December 2013 – January 2014

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (December 2013 – January 2014)

Review of: The Practical Negotiator by Steven P. Cohen (Pompton Plains, N.J.: Career Press, 2013) Baker, John D. (December 2013 – January 2014)

Subscriber Content At Impasse? Consider Final Offer Arbitration   Carrell, Michael R.; Manchise, Louis J.  (December 2013 – January 2014)

Subscriber Content Intuitive Negotiating  Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (December 2013 – January 2014)

Subscriber Content Negotiator Safety: Risky Business  Greenstone, James L. (December 2013 – January 2014)

 November 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (November, 2013)

Review of: Negotiation Genius: How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and Beyond by Deepak Malhotra and Max Bazeman (New York, New York: Bantam Dell, 2008) Baker, John D. (November, 2013)

Subscriber Content Using The Tit-For-Tat Approach To Counteract Opponent Nibbling  Craver, Charles B. (November, 2013)

Subscriber Content Inner Peaceful Negotiating: Lessening Stress, Increasing Success   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (November, 2013)

Subscriber Content How Can Your Opposition Be So Wrong and What To Do About It   Altman, Steve (November, 2013)

 October 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (October, 2013)

Review of: SMARTnership: The Third Road – Optimizing Negotiation Options by Keld Jensen  (Boston, MA: Acanthus Publishing, 2012) Baker, John D. (October, 2013)

Subscriber Content How Women Can Effectively Negotiate Improvements in their Employment Terms   Craver, Charles B. (October, 2013)

Subscriber Content The Challenging Business of Negotiating with Friends   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (October, 2013)

Subscriber Content Hostage and Crisis Negotiators: Nonverbal Communication Basics  Thompson, Jeff (October, 2013)

Subscriber Content Sales Negotiation: The Salesperson’s Dilemma  Brodow, Ed (October, 2013)

 September 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (September, 2013)

Review of: Negotiation by Brian Tracy (New York: AMACOM, 2013) Baker, John D. (September, 2013)

Subscriber Content Business Negotiations 101  Wolf, Cindy (September, 2013)

Subscriber Content Negotiating Despite Frustrating Opponents   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (September, 2013)

Subscriber Content The Truth About Deception in Mediation  Krivis,Jeffrey ; Zadeh, Mariam (September, 2013)

Subscriber Content Mental Focus is Critical in Negotiations   Latz, Marty (September, 2013)

 August 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (August, 2013)

Review of: Maximum Influence: The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion Second Edition by Kurt W. Mortensen (New York: AMACOM, 2013) Baker, John D. (August, 2013)

A Handbook on EU Accession Negotiations By Vasile Pușcaș, A Review (Wien: Hulla& Co Human Dynamics KG, 2013) Ciot,Melania-Gabriela (August, 2013)

Subscriber Content Hostage and Crisis Negotiations: Wise Behavior for Hostages in a Hostage Situation   Greenstone, James L. (August, 2013)

Subscriber Content Going with the Win: Scarlett O’Hara Negotiates Life   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (August, 2013)

Subscriber Content A Generic E-negotiations Framework: The Drawing Board In Its Simplest Form   Harkiolakis, Nicholas (August, 2013)

 June – July 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (June-July, 2013)

Review of: Successful Acquisitions: A Proven Plan for Strategic Growth by David Braun (New York: AMACOM, 2013) Baker, John D. (June-July, 2013)

Review of: Hostage/Crisis Negotiations: Lessons Learned from the Bad, the Mad, and the Sad by Thomas Strentz (London: Kogan Page, 2011) Moore, Russ (June-July, 2013)

Subscriber Content The Female Negotiator  Asherman, Ira G.; Asherman, Sandy (June-July, 2013)

Subscriber Content Negotiator in Wonderland: Learning from Alice’s Adventures   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (June-July, 2013)

Subscriber Content The Paradoxical Point of View  Ionescu, Radu (June-July, 2013)

 May 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (May, 2013)

Review of: How to Negotiate Effectively Third Edition by David Oliver (London: Kogan Page, 2011) Baker, John D. (May, 2013)

Subscriber Content How to Avoid Pushback  Fromm, Delee (May, 2013)

Subscriber Content Looking for Logic: Perseverance and Perplexing Negotiations   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (May, 2013)

Subscriber Content Initiating Bargaining Interactions  Craver, Charles B. (May, 2013)

Subscriber Content Special Tactics to Negotiate Effectively by Phone   Latz, Marty (May, 2013)

 April 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (April, 2013)

Review of: The Mediator’s Handbook: Revised & Expanded Fourth Edition by Jennifer E. Beer, Caroline C. Packard with Eileen Stief  (Gabriola Island, B.C., Canada: New Society Publishers, 2012) Baker, John D. (April, 2013)

Subscriber Content The Political Nature of Collective Bargaining Interactions  Craver, Charles B. (April, 2013)

Subscriber Content Churchill’s Bathtub  Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (April, 2013)

Subscriber Content Ten Things People Don’t Realize They Can Negotiate For  Brodow, Ed (April, 2013)

Subscriber Content Negotiating With Terrorists  Noesner, Gary (April, 2013)

 March 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (March, 2013)

Review of: Anatomy of a Mediation: A Dealmaker’s Distinctive Approach to Resolving Dollar Disputes and Other Commercial Conflicts by by James C. Freund (New York: Practising Law Institute, 2012) Craver, Charles B. (March, 2013)

Subscriber Content Haggling With Merchants  Craver, Charles B. (March, 2013)

Subscriber Content Negotiator Resiliency  Greenstone, Dr. James L. (March, 2013)

Subscriber Content Intimate Negotiating  Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (March, 2013)

Subscriber Content The Power of Negotiations  Caruth, Donald L. ; Caruth, Gail D. (March, 2013)

 February 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (February, 2013)

Review of: Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In by Mark Goulston and John Ullmen (New York: AMACON, 2013) Baker, John D. (February, 2013)

2012 Top Terms in Negotiation   Cummins, Tim (February, 2013)

Subscriber Content Lincoln’s Hat: Negotiating with Presidential Self-Confidence   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (February, 2013)

Subscriber Content Dealing with Micro-Negotiators  Latz, Marty (February, 2013)

Subscriber Content Ethical Negotiating: Negotiating Ethically   Greenstone, Dr. James L. ; Leviton, Sharon C. (February, 2013)

 December 2012 – January 2013

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (December,2012 – January,2013)

Review of: Fearless Negotiating: The Wish, Want, Walk Method to Reaching Agreements That Work by Michael C. Donaldson (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2007) Baker, John D. (December,2012 – January,2013)

Subscriber Content Ten Tips for Successful Negotiating in 2013   Brodow, Ed (December,2012 – January,2013)

Subscriber Content Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Opponents   Craver, Charles B. (December,2012 – January,2013)

Subscriber Content The Stylish Negotiator  Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (December,2012 – January,2013)

Subscriber Content Hostage and Crisis Negotiations in Medical Facilities: Implications for Medical Personnel  Greenstone, James L. (December,2012 – January,2013)

 November 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (November, 2012)

A Practical Guide for All Types of Negotiation: A Look at 150 Laws of Hostage and Crisis Negotiations  Greenstone, James L. (November, 2012)

Review of: Negotiation Mastery: Tools for the 21st Century Negotiator by Simon Horton (London: MX Publishing, 2012) Baker, John D. (November, 2012)

Subscriber Content Traits Possessed by Successful Negotiators  Craver, Charles B. (November, 2012)

Subscriber Content Blessed Body Language for Negotiators   Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (November, 2012)

 October 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (October, 2012)

Review of: You And What Army? How to Neutralize Conflict and Negotiate Justice: For the Totally Outgunned, Inwardly Timid, Burnt Out or Socially Defunct By Lisa Bracken (Silt, Colorado: New Flight Books, 2011) Baker, John D. (October, 2012)

Subscriber Content The Hostage Negotiator’s Guide to Change Management  Horton, Simon (October, 2012)

Subscriber Content Negotiating: Virtues of Integrity  Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (October, 2012)

Subscriber Content Negotiating Strategic Alliances   Baker, John D. (October, 2012)

 September 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (September, 2012)

Review of: In the Shadow of the Dragon: The Global Expansion of Chinese Companies – How It Will Change Business Forever By Winter Die and William Dowell with Abraham Lu (York: N.Y.: AMACOM,2012) Baker, John D. (September, 2012)

Subscriber Content Harnessing the Full Power of Negotiation  Baker, John D. (September, 2012)

Subscriber Content Negotiator Whisperer: A Cattle Rancher’s Secrets  Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (September, 2012)

Subscriber Content Feel Your Guts!  Ionescu, Radu (September, 2012)

 August 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (August, 2012)

Review of: Negotiation at Work: Maximize Your Team’s Skills with 60 High-Impact Activities By Ira Asherman (New York, N.Y.: AMACOM, 2012) Baker, John D. (August, 2012)

The Womanly Art of Negotiating  Shelton-Spurr, JemmaBlythe Alexander (Shelton, JB) (August, 2012)

Subscriber Content Don’t Rush the Negotiation Process  Craver, Charles B. (August, 2012)

Subscriber Content Hydraulic Fracturing: A Controversy and Case for Evolved Negotiations, Part Three: Resolving Intractable Conflict by Evolving It  Bracken, Lisa (August, 2012)

 June – July 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (June – July, 2012)

Review of: The Essential Guide to Workplace Mediation & Conflict Resolution: Rebuilding Working Relationships by By Nora Doherty & Marcelas Guyler (London, U.K.: Kogan Page, 2008, 2009, 2010) Baker, John D. (June – July, 2012)

Subscriber Content Hydraulic Fracturing: A Controversy and Case for Evolved Negotiations, Part Two: A Collision of Conflicting Interests and Conditions  Bracken, Lisa (June – July, 2012)

Subscriber Content The Negotiator’s Mantra: Time is Money: Money is Time  Shelton, JB (June – July, 2012)

Subscriber Content The Play’s the Thing: A Sense of Drama and Six Other Marks of the Veteran Negotiator  English, Tony  (June – July, 2012)

 May 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (May, 2012)

Review of: The Power of Reputation: Strengthen the Asset That Will Make or Break Your Career by Chris Komisarjevsky (New York, NY: American Management Association, 2012) Baker, John D. (May, 2012)

Hydraulic Fracturing: A Controversy and A Case for Evolved Negotiations,Part One: A Primer on Resource Extraction and Hydraulic Fracturing  Bracken, Lisa (May, 2012)

What’s Wrong With Being Right?  Cherney, Jay ; Lerner, Jack  (May, 2012)

Subscriber Content Ego Massaging to Negotiate Positively  Shelton, JB (May, 2012)

 April 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (April, 2012)

Review of: How to Win Any Argument: Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool, or Coming to Blows, Revised Edition By Robert Mayer (Pompton Plains, N.J.: The Career Press, 2011) Baker, John D. (April, 2012)

Managing the Shadow Negotiation, Reprinted   Frohlinger, Carol ; Kolb, Deborah M. ; Williams, Judith (April, 2012)

Subscriber Content Negotiators and Operational Behavioral Health Specialists (OBHS)©™: Win the Mind, Win the Day  Greenstone, Dr. James L. (April, 2012)

Subscriber Content Shakespeare’s Playful Negotiations  Shelton, JB (April, 2012)

 March 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (March, 2012)

Review of: Psychological Aspects of Crisis Negotiation, 2nd Edition by Thomas Strentz (Boca Raton, Florida, CRC Press, 2012) Baker, John D. (March, 2012)

Unrestricted! Negotiating with the Chinese: A Case Study  Wolf, Cindy (March, 2012)

Subscriber Content The Essential Role of Preparation in Establishing Complex Negotiation Goals  Baker, John D. (March, 2012)

Subscriber Content Humor and Negotiating  Shelton, JB (March, 2012)

 February 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (February, 2012)

Review of: Secrets of Power Negotiating: Inside Secrets From a Master Negotiator,15th Anniversary Edition, By Roger Dawson (Pompton Plains, N.J., The Career Press, 2011) Baker, John D. (February, 2012)

Subscriber Content The Importance of the Preliminary Stage of Negotiation Interactions  Craver, Charles B. (February, 2012)

Subscriber Content Negotiating Isn’t Child’s Play  Shelton, JB (February, 2012)

Subscriber Content Let’s Do Better than Positional Negotiating  Ionescu, Radu (February, 2012)

 December 2011 – January 2012

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (December 2011 – January 2012)

Review of: How to Win Any Negotiation: Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool, or Coming to Blows By Robert Mayer (Pompton Plains, N.J., The Career Press, 2006) Baker, John D. (December 2011 – January 2012)

Subscriber Content Negotiate How You Negotiate  Latz, Marty (December 2011 – January 2012)

Subscriber Content Negotiating With Yourself  Shelton, JB (December 2011 – January 2012)

Subscriber Content Nonverbal Negotiation Skills  Stark, Peter B. (December 2011 – January 2012)

 November 2011

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (November, 2011)

Review of: GETTING MORE: How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World By Stuart Diamond (New York: Crown Business, 2010) Baker, John D. (November, 2011)

Subscriber Content The Importance of Post-Negotiation Evaluations   Craver, Charles B. (November, 2011)

Subscriber Content Reinventing Yourself as a Negotiator  Shelton, JB (November, 2011)

Subscriber Content Assessing Negotiation Performance: The Three E’s  Baker, John D. (November, 2011)

 October 2011

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (October, 2011)

Review of: The Five Percent: Finding Solutions to Seemingly Impossible Conflicts By Peter T. Coleman (New York: Public Affairs, 2011) Baker, John D. (October, 2011)

Subscriber Content Behavioral Styles in Negotiation  Stark, Peter B. (October, 2011)

Subscriber Content Evolved Negotiations: A New, Blended and Broadened Approach to Influencing Conditions, Adversaries and Outcome  Bracken, Lisa (October, 2011)

Subscriber Content The Most Powerful Manipulation Tool Ever: Time  Ionescu, Radu (October, 2011)

 September 2011

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (September, 2011)

Review of: DEALMAKING: The New Strategy of Negotiauctions By Guhan Subramanian (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2011) Baker, John D. (September, 2011)

Subscriber Content Business Negotiators Often Hit the Wrong Targets   Cummins, Tim (September, 2011)

Subscriber Content Negotiators Gaining from Training: Publishing Hostage and Barricade Situations, and the Ethical Concerns   Greenstone, Dr. James L. (September, 2011)

 August 2011

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (August, 2011)

Review of: BUILT TO WIN: Creating a World-Class Negotiating Organization By Hallam Movius and Lawrence Susskind (Boston: Harvard Business Press, 2009) Baker, John D. (August, 2011)

Negotiation Training: Getting Your Money’s Worth   Asherman, Ira G. (August, 2011)

Subscriber Content The Impact of Psychological Factors On Negotiation Interactions   Craver, Charles B. (August, 2011)

 June – July 2011

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (June – July, 2011)

Review of: CONFLICT 101: A Manager’s Guide to Resolving Problems So Everyone Can Get Back to Work by Susan H. Shearouse (New York: AMACOM Books, 2011) Baker, John D. (June – July, 2011)

Subscriber Content To Negotiatie or Not to Negotiate   Brodow, Ed  (June – July, 2011)

Subscriber Content The Role of Power in Negotiation   Stark, Peter B. (June – July, 2011)

Subscriber Content Negotiation Principles  Merrington, Chris  (June – July, 2011)

 May 2011

From The Publisher’s Desk  Baker, John D. (May, 2011)

Review of: Stalling For Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator By Gary Noesner (New York: Random House, 2010) Baker, John D. (May, 2011)

The Impact of Culture on Transnational Interactions   Craver, Charles B. (May, 2011)

Hypocrisy in Contracting Leads to Wasted Negotiation   Cummins, Tim (May, 2011)

Negotiation, Gender Triggers and Female Lawyers    Fromm, Delee (May, 2011)

  January, 2008

Emotion and Negotiation, Part II   Fromm, Delee (December, 2007 – January, 2008)

Negotiating With Extortionist Government Functionaries, Part 4   Horowitz, Bruce (December, 2007-January, 2008)

Perfecting the Art of Silence in Negotiating   Tahir, Liz (December, 2007 – January, 2008)

  November, 2007

Emotion and Negotiation, Part I   Fromm, Delee (November, 2007)

Negotiating With Extortionist Government Functionaries, Part 3: Preparing Yourself   Horowitz, Bruce (November, 2007)

Review of: Shaping the Game: The New Leader’s Guide to Effective Negotiating By Michael Watkins (Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2006) Baker, John D. (November, 2007)

  October, 2007

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 March, 2003

From Conflict To Resolution: When To Negotiate The Litigated Case   Krivis, Jeffrey (March, 2003)

Ten Tips for Successful Negotiating   Brodow, Ed (March, 2003)

Collaborative Selling   Alessandra, Tony (March, 2003)

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 January, 2003

Power, Gender and Negotiation   Wanis-St.John, Anthony (January, 2003)

Don’t Pay List: Negotiating the Best Deal for Your Money   Brodow, Ed (January, 2003)

How Do You Spell Success – E-T-H-I-C-S   Bucaro, Frank (January, 2003)

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Negotiating Salaries: Survey Results   Frohlinger, Carol ; Kolb, Deborah M. ; Williams, Judith (January, 2003)

Why Don’t People Get Paid What They’re Worth?   Frohlinger, Carol ; Kolb, Deborah M. ; Williams, Judith (January, 2003)

The Value of a Service Goes Down Quickly   Dawson, Roger (January, 2003)

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 December, 2002

Hot Tips on Negotiating in a Hostage Situation   Johnson, Dr. Curtis M. (December, 2002)

When Your Prospect Says Your Price Is Too High   Brooks, Bill (December, 2002)

Basic Principles Make You a Smarter Negotiator   Dawson, Roger (December, 2002)

Know Your Opening Lines   Kuhlmann, Sandra Muse (December, 2002)

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 November, 2002

The Strategic Convergence of Negotiation and Sales   Ayers, Andy ; Lum, Grande ; Wanis-St.John, Anthony (November, 2002)

The Forgotten Art of Listening   Brodow, Ed (November, 2002)

Why It’s A Mistake To Offer To Split the Difference   Dawson, Roger (November, 2002)

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 October, 2002

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Adversaries to Allies: Lessons from the San Diego Schools Contract Negotiations   Christie, Monica ; Lum, Grande (October, 2002)

Negotiation as a Paradigm for Business: Ethical Negotiations Lead to Ethical Business   Cohen, Steven P. (October, 2002)

 September, 2002

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When Negotiations Stall, Position the Other Side For Easy Acceptance   Dawson, Roger (September, 2002)

Internal Negotiations: Supporting the External Deal   Morse, Richard (September, 2002)

 August, 2002

Labor Negotiations   Shea, Mary Ellen (August, 2002)

How To Get The Salary You Want: Twelve Negotiation Tactics that Work   Brodow, Ed (August, 2002)

 July, 2002

Unethical Negotiating Gambits and How To Protect Yourself Against Them   Dawson, Roger (July, 2002)

Good Guy / Bad Guy   Dawson, Roger (July, 2002)

 June, 2002

Power Negotiators Understand The Importance Of Gathering Information   Dawson, Roger (June, 2002)

Crisis Negotiating: Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators   Sherman, Bob (June, 2002)

 April/May, 2002

Managing The Shadow Negotiation   Frohlinger, Carol ; Kolb, Deborah M. ; Williams, Judith (April/May, 2002)

Electronic Negotiation Support – a Look Behind the Curtain   Ferguson, David (April/May, 2002)

Being Your Own Advocate   Frohlinger, Carol ; Kolb, Deborah M. ; Williams, Judith (April/May, 2002)

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