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Ask The Negotiator

Steven P. Cohen

Ask the Negotiator is designed to afford our readers with the opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of negotiations and provide them with answers from experienced negotiators in future editions of the magazine. Please direct your questions to John Baker at [email protected]. We will only publish your first name or the nom de plume you suggest along with your country when your question is published. Your question will be answered either by John Baker or by a member of The Negotiator Magazine’s growing list of outside negotiation resources.

We are delighted to have Steven P. Cohen as this month’s guest respondent for the Ask the Negotiator column. Mr. Cohen is known throughout the world for his writing and his work in negotiations training.

Steven P. Cohen, President of The Negotiation Skills Company, Inc., ( is a consultant, coach, and trainer who has taught negotiation skills to people from more than 45 countries in business sectors ranging from healthcare to IT, and retail sales to defense manufacturing. His book, Negotiating Skills for Managers (McGraw-Hill, 2002) has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. A graduate of Columbia Law School, Mr. Cohen is a visiting professor of negotiation in the International MBA programs at Brandeis University in Massachusetts and Groupe HEC, near Paris.

And now, this month’s letter…

Online Master’s Degree Negotiations Training

From: Bob (USA)

Dear Negotiator:

What do you think of these online Master’s Programs in the art of negotiating? Are they a practical degree? What are you thoughts? Thank you so much.

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