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Reader’s Review

by John D. Baker

Renegotiate with Integrity: “It’s Not Business, It’s Personal”

By Marc Freeman
270 pp. Fairfield, Iowa: Freeman Business Books, 2006
Paperback (US) $20.00

This magazine has published four articles on renegotiation by Marc Freeman and is now pleased to add a review of his new book on that topic. Mr. Freeman has provided a valuable contribution to the field of negotiation by writing on renegotiation as a neglected but important area of special interest.

“Renegotiation,” Freeman explains, “is the art of altering, revising, or changing a previously negotiated relationship” (p. xiii). The reader will a find a practical book beginning with a critical path, advice on strategies to begin and control the process, and a set of techniques to successfully accomplish a renegotiation. It is a solid work.

Most negotiators are generalists and as such are participants in renegotiation as an unheralded and unremarkable encounter. Freeman, on-the-other hand, is a specialist with the credentials to prove it. What then, is unique about renegotiation? What in this book can lead us to better performance outcomes in renegotiation? Let us examine Mr. Freeman’s work for an answer to those questions.

Freeman states that in his experience there are five principal types of relationships that are likely to require renegotiation:

  1. real estate leases
  2. contract renegotiations and buy-outs
  3. contract collections
  4. debt restructure
  5. personal contracts

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