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“Seven Ways To Be An InValuable Resource” by Ron Karr

By Ron Karr

If both you and your client expect to reach even greater levels of success, then you must have a strong and harmonious relationship between the two of you. Building and maintaining that relationship can take an enormous chunk of a sales professional’s time and effort! Here’s some advice on how to really make that investment pay off.

Why More Than Just Relationship Building is Key to Your Success
What skill do you feel is more important to sales success consultative selling or relationship building? Most people answer relationship building. I disagree! I believe consultative selling creates the foundation from which profitable relationships are born. Did you ever lose business … despite a relationship you thought was solid? If you’re like most of the people I work with, the answer is "yes."

Relationships will get you the appointment, but the consultative selling approach will get you the business. Once you stop acting in the consultative selling mode, you start taking the relationship for granted. You stop doing some of the things that made you invaluable the things that got you the business in the first place.

How do you build a relationship around the consultative selling approach? First, you must realize that when I use the word "relationship," I’m not talking about "schmoozing" your clients. I’m talking about creating a kind of relationship that instills trust and confidence in what you can do for them. I’m talking about concentrated effort that goes into finding out what your clients need and how you can best deliver it to them. I’m talking about giving your clients the best overall value for the money they’re investing.

Most of all, I’m talking about positioning yourself so that you can be the most invaluable resource your clients have. This is true whether you’re tending to a current business relationship or prospecting for new clients.

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July 2006