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Negotiation Success Factors: How They Work

James L. Greenstone, Ed.D., J.D., DABECI


The success of negotiations is contingent on many factors operating together. This is true regardless of type of bargaining or intervention undertaken. So, what are these factors? Here will be examined several that may have wide use. The focus here is specific, but the possible applications are broad regardless of the reader’s orientation.


On April 20, 1998, at 0335, negotiators were deployed to support an officer who was already talking with a subject barricaded in his truck threatening to kill himself. Most of the issues seemed to revolve around family matters and husband / wife relational problems.

At 0428, the primary negotiator began to speak directly with the subject.

What Actually Happened

Below is a sampling of some of the responses that the negotiator / crisis intervener made to the subject:

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February 2006