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The Global Negotiator – 4 Critical Elements

Stephen Kozicki


In today’s tough global business environment, strategic negotiation skills are vital for increasing business and profits. Indeed, strategic negotiation skills form part of a group of core competencies required by managers, sales people, and all other business professionals. Managing and negotiating relationships for all stakeholders becomes increasingly :important as individuals and companies conduct business in a global setting.

A critical focus for this article is to assist those people who have to negotiate in an international context. This knowledge is designed to challenge you to consider the three elements presented and to allow you to examine your preparation. The research findings on negotiation styles demonstrates a breakthrough in the styles that we use and also helps you understand why other people behave the way that they do during negotiations.

Everybody within an organisation needs to demonstrate a capacity to negotiate effectively; it is no longer the domain of a chosen few. So whether you are involved in marketing, managing in general or an internal support role, you must ensure every interaction with clients, suppliers—and all channels for that matter—is negotiated to a higher level of performance.

A key part of my book, The Creative Negotiator, as well as a recent research project with Dr. Siggi Gudergan, examine the :impact for everyone on negotiating channel relationships and other types of marketing partnerships. This is of particular relevance when companies operate in markets where such relationships are formed frequently, and change occurs in the markets in which they are operating. There is a significant and everincreasing reliance on partnering to assist in the achievement of marketing objectives ..

Despite the importance of marketing partnerships, it is disconcerting that an all too large majority of partnerships fail. Businesses a:im to overcome related issues through purposefully negotiated agreements to support the coordination of resources available to the partners.

In the past months, there have been many fine articles in this magazine which have shared wisdom in regards to negotiation and culture. As a foundation of my discussions embedded into this article is, of course, a deep understanding of the culture context of your negotiation.

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March 2005