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Readers learn how to evaluate their market value and then how to move salary negotiation sessions from a narrow focus on only two elements: the individual’s salary history and the salary history of the position to a broader range encompassing market rates for comparable positions and added values the person’s accomplishments promise for the firm. In essence, effective salary negotiation requires proper framing.

The authors’ show readers how to properly evaluate compensation as a basket of components: base salary, bonuses, benefits, perks, and assorted other elements such as profit-shares, employer sponsored savings plans, stock options, et al. You will find an extensive list of possible compensation elements as a valuable reference in the book (pp. 46-49).

It is clear that salary negotiation is similar to other engagements in that it is best conducted as the negotiation of a package rather than as individual elements. The authors’ assist the reader in identifying those elements and the bargaining trade-offs they afford the parties to create a win-win solution for both the employer and employee.

You will learn the critical importance of salary history and salary expectation questions in hiring situations and how to handle premature requests for this information. You will find strategies for job applicants, new hires and individuals seeking increased compensation for positions that have expanded their responsibilities.

Very importantly, also, the authors’ provide “rules of thumb” for salary negotiation, reasonable increases in compensation to warrant a change of firms, likely ranges for increasing initial salary offers and a host of other tips and aids for the salary negotiator.

You will also find an extensive guide to employment resources, a variety of salary information web sites and a useful Q&A; section at the close of the book.

A valuable guide for the salary negotiator.


John Baker, Ph.D.

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'Salary Negotiation Tips for Professional' Salary Negotiation Tips for Professionals []

'Salary Negotiation Tips for Professional' Salary Negotiation Tips for Professionals []

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January 2005