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How Titans Establish Value

Ronald E. Karr

We live in a world in which technological or product innovations can vanish in a heartbeat. I believe that true differentiation from the competition, in today’s marketplace, does not happen solely by means of advanced products and services.

In the computer industry, not so very many years ago, if you came up with a huge technological advance, you had a marketing advantage for, say, eighteen months. Nowadays, most players in that industry realize that they have weeks or months (sometimes days!) to rely on a technological advance. Before too long, someone else is offering essentially the same product or service.

When competing products and services are perceived as being of roughly equal value by prospects and customers, salespeople face a challenge. How can they differentiate themselves from competitors and add the value that will clinch the deal?

The answer depends on our own positioning – and on what’s important to the other side. In this article, you’ll look at some Titan strategies for breaking the “logjam” – and adding value that will entice your prospect or customer to work with you. The magic is in the mix!


There are six main areas where you can add value to your prospect or customer’s operation.

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September 2004