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Ask the Negotiator

John Baker

Ask the Negotiator is designed to afford our readers with the opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of negotiations and provide them with answers from experienced negotiators in future editions of the magazine. Please direct your questions to John Baker at [email protected] We will only publish your first name or the nom de plume you suggest along with your country when your question is published. Your question will be answered either by John Baker or by a member of The Negotiator Magazine’s growing list of outside negotiation resources.

John Baker has well over thirty years of active negotiating experience in educational, (USA) Fortune 100 corporations and small business companies. He has negotiated collective bargaining agreements both for unions and for management. Dr. Baker’s experience includes agreements across a broad range of negotiation areas, including marketing alliances, purchase and sales contracts, acquisitions, joint ventures, non-profit and government services agreements and even the peaceful conclusion of student protest sit-ins on more than one occasion. He holds a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University (USA).

And now, this month’s letter …

“The Critical Importance of Negotiation Location”

From: C. (USA)

Dear Negotiator:

I represented my company in negotiations with another firm trying to work out a deal my management wanted badly. Negotiations were held almost every week for over three months until we decided we could not come to a deal and called off the negotiations. Here’s the critical point in my question. All the negotiations were held at the other firm at their request for their convenience. We are located across town in a large city so it worked out well for me since I live near their location. Now, after the negotiations did not work out, my management believes that the fact that all the negotiations were held at their location was a major reason why the agreement was not accomplished. This bothers me a lot and I would like your opinion. Was that a huge mistake?

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